Anaplan competitors

Following are anaplan competitors:

  • Entropy
  • Triggit
  • Adaptive Insights


Entropy is a huge competitor of Anaplan, like Anaplan it also deals with the risk management, the Entropy software works with all types and size of businesses. It offers the following services to its consumers:

  • Risk management
  • Compliance management
  • Incident management
  • And other such services

Based on customer reviews the Entropy has been rated at 3.5 stars. Most common businesses that implement Entropy in their businesses are automotive manufacturers, healthcare and hospitals, education sector as well as financial sector among others. The big names that uses this software are McQuay, Lenco PMC and Crossing Automation

Entropy offers all-inclusive data analysis which helps accommodate, with the help of see-through metrics, factors such as with visibility into presentation, risks, as well as sustainability initiatives.

Other important specifications of the Entropy software include:

  • Data collection,
  • Incident management
  • Notifications,
  • Files
  • Libraries,
  • Configurable workflows

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The retargeting innovation came in to being because of Triggit, the number one social site that has been using retargeting is Facebook and its down to Triggit. Triggit is the only software that has introduced retargeting to a huge platform like Facebook. And the future seems very bright for the dynamics of retargeting as well as native advertising. All this new gain hype has made Triggit a big competitor of Anaplan.

Consumer reviews have rated Triggit at 4.1 stars. It can be implemented to a big as well as small businesses.


Adaptive Insights

Adaptive insights or adaptive planning is a wide known software and a decent competitor of Anaplan, it is an application is which cloud based. The application has been developed to accommodate budgeting, predicting, reporting, as well as sit can be sued as a performance analysis. The application can also be used to carry out consolidation and also cost accounting. The software was founded by Adaptive insight hence the software name.

Adaptive planning can accommodate businesses that have over 1000 employees or clients. What makes it a huge competitor of Anaplan is that the software is being successfully used by over 20,000 entrepreneurs over the world. it also has a five-star rating, according to customer reviews.

Customers of adaptive planning are mostly giant enterprises, that used adaptive planning to manage:

  • Cash flow
  • Sales planning and projection
  • Balance sheet prediction

Famous clients that have been successfully using Adaptive planning are:

  • Aztec,
  • Knowledge Networks
  • Yamaha Motor
  • Toyota Denmark
  • Philips Lifeline Systems
  • Nissan
  • Bridgestone Industrial Products

Other than these mentioned above sectors like, banking, media, publishing as well as insurance will soon take on adaptive planning as it becoming more and more popular because of easy to use and implement technology.


Like an all-rounder batsman, BOARD is an all-rounder software. Which makes it a huge threat to Anaplan. It has all the necessary factors which are desire to originate Business Intelligence application as well as Corporate Performance Management.

Over 3000 companies sand organization have been using BOARD due to its CPM and BI gears. It doesn’t matter if your company is small one or a giant, the software can accommodate all.

Typical known customers and clients of BOARD are:

  • Banking and insurance: Western Mutual, Cyprus
  • Chemical sector: Argo, Petronieves
  • Construction Sector: Simonds Homes
  • Fashion Sector: Armani, Puma, Nike
  • Energy Sector: United Energy, juwi, Multinet Gas
  • Food Sector: Bacardi, Chupa Chups

BOARD is easy to use and understand as well. it was developed to help any company have an appropriate decision-making procedure which is aim to enhance the company’s performance.

The best point of BOARD is that it is available in multiple languages such as Italian, French, , Chinese and Japanese.

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