Whether for personal satisfaction or necessity, it is good to keep in mind that knowing how to open a lock without keys is a skill that should be used responsibly and legally only in your property. No other purpose is foreseen and the indications we give you can be used in cases of need, without affecting the rights of others.There are different methods that we will now examine, read them carefully and proceed with extreme calm and precision.

Of course, the methods that we propose can be used when you forget the keys or, worse, when you do not know where they are finished and do not have the opportunity to return to their homes.

Often we see films in which it is possible to open a lock in a few seconds, but this is not always the case; depends, of course, on the type of lock and on the skill of the person performing the operation.

How to open a lock with a simple metal clip

This is one of the most often used methods in movies and television series; it must be said that to work it is necessary to practice and that the lock is simple, without measures to increase its safety.

Stretch out a staple arm. Once the only piece of metal (about three centimeters in length) has come out, fold it into a small 45-degree angle near the tip so that it looks like a hook. Gently press the staple arm into the lock. The hook should point upward in the direction of the key teeth, and the lower part of the arm should act as the base of the usual key. Gently move the paper clip across the lock area. Once the clip enters the back of the lock, push the hook against the top of the lock. Then grab the part of the paper clip that is not folded and turn it as you would a key. This operation may require some attempts and should be done gently.

What is certain is that, if you stay away from home and you can not get in anymore because the lock is locked, the problem is not trivial!

Maybe it was your fault, or maybe not, but it's an inconvenience that can happen to everyone and for which there is a remedy.

Not knowing how to do it, the first instinct , after having tried and tried the opening by forcing with the key, undoubtedly, is to get panicked and call for help , turning to a locksmith who makes quick interventions and first aid, or worse than firemen.

In reality , unless children, or people who are not self-sufficient, have been stranded and there is no obvious danger to their health and safety, it is advisable to avoid disturbing the fire brigade .

At best, keeping a little 'calm and cold and with a bit of luck you can get away even by yourself, while in the worst case you just contact a good locksmith in a matter of minutes (an hour at most in cases more difficult) will have solved your problem!

Why does a lock freeze?

The reasons why you are dealing with a locked lock may be different.

In some cases they are simply related to the malfunctioning of the lock itself, or to the fact that the now old and obsolete door hasswollen and makes it difficult to open and close properly.

Especially as regards the internal doors , then, it is possible that there is a physical impediment that causes the key can no longer turn properly: maybe you have recently whitewashed and a little 'fresh paint has slipped in the patch, or worse, one of your youngest children put a soldier or modeling dough in it .

Unfortunately this eventuality is much more frequent than you can imagine and when you realize the thing, now the lock is locked!

But the malfunction of a lock, especially for the armored doors of first entry, can be caused by a break-in attempt , fortunately not successful.

Or, as unfortunately happens, you may have left the keys stuck in the door from the inside : if there is not a handle outside, but only a knob (as often happens) you officially closed out and it is said that you can come back so easily, even if you have spare keys!

How to try to open a locked lock

Is it possible to unlock a lock yourself? Yes, there are several attempts you can make, then a lot depends on the situation and the type of door and lock you deal with.

In all cases, despite being the most natural thing to try to do, always avoid using the key , or you'll end up making the situation worse!

The first correct attempt you can make to solve the problem, especially with the doors equipped with simple cylinders, is to buy a spray bottle of descaling spray , insert the spout into the lock and allow a large amount of fluid to penetrate through .