Mike kanurium hotel in Cyprus

If you are on the search for a good hotel to stay in Cyprus but you are clueless on how to go about it, you are in the right place. Perhaps you are also looking at for a kosher hotel which is located in Cyprus. One of the best hotels which you can stay in if you are in Cyprus is the Mikes Kanurium City hotel.

Where is it located

This hotel is located right in the center of the beautiful city resort of Larnaca. This can be found just from a few spaces away from promenade palm trees. This place is pretty famous and you should have no problems finding it if you are on the lookout.


This kosher hotel comes good in the ratings which have been conducted on many platforms. Most of the guests said the performance was satisfactory while others gave the promise that they would be back during their vacation. This would present a boost to the hotel as they would be anxious to find out what most customers think about their service. Most of their ratings were given on areas which include cleanliness, comfort, location and so much more. Most times, they maintained a steady rating of just over 8.0 over 10 which is just above average.


One of their selling points in this hotel is in the area of their rooms. They have about 26 rooms which have been completely renovated and maintained properly. These rooms would most like come with a single or double beds. Most of their guest rooms can be found on two floors which have been well designed and prepared to thrill their guests and make them feel comfortable. Some other things too which guests can expect to see are rooms which are built with the intention of housing families. You can expect a truckload of fun in this hotel.

Other amenities

Other things which guests can look forward to when using this restaurant include the kosher restaurants which are close by. You would also get the opportunity to have access to free wireless internet, free parking and so much more. This is simply fantastic. Also, they offer their guests spa treatments which most guests have remarked to be brilliant and worth the money spent. Due to the fact that it is close to the city, the transport system works perfectly in taking you to your various destinations. This ensures that you never feel like you are isolated from the real world.



The Mikes Kanurium kosher hotel in Cyprus is often seen as a good hotel for individuals and families to spend their holidays. This is especially true of families which are religious in nature. Therefore, if you happen to find yourself somewhere in Cyprus, then you should not hesitate to look up Mikes Kanurium kosher hotel. Their rating spells out just how excellent they are and you can be assured that you would totally and utterly love their services that would be rendered.

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